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Telemarketing Services

Appointment Setting & Sales Lead Generation

Getting qualified sales leads is not easy... 
And getting qualified appointments can be even harder

But if your objective is to support your sales team with qualified sales leads or appointments, you’ll find that DMC Associates & JEM Sales and Marketing are the best specialists in this area of telemarketing. In fact we’ve been generating a sustainable level of qualified appointments and leads for companies just like yours for the past decade.

Your Appointment Setting

We’ll set up qualified meetings with specifically targeted and properly identified decision-makers, who have an established requirement for your products and/or services (other qualification criteria such as budgets and timescales are often also used).

 It is important to remember that to develop a relationship to a point where you can achieve a sales appointment often requires a long-term contact strategy to be developed and implemented. We’ll be happy to discuss your strategic process with you.

Your Lead Generation

Generating ’qualified’ leads for your business is a little different from appointment setting because with appointment setting the telemarketer will usually speak with the decision-makers several times over weeks and months, before a meeting is achieved. However, with lead generation projects the telemarketers will usually speak with your targeted decision-makers on only one occasion, during which they will ’profile’ the contact in terms of their current situation and interest in your proposition. The output from lead generation is often summarised in terms of A-Leads, B-Leads etc (and is accompanied by detailed notes and observations), which mans your sales team will be able to work with warm, well profiled leads and so improve their sales conversion and revenue generation.

After your calls have been made, all notes from the telephone conversations and other market intelligence you have asked us to collect will be entered into the database and sent to you at agreed intervals. This becomes a valuable “Prospect database” for your business.

The contact management software that we use is called ACT! As an added-value benefit and as an efficient method of reporting, we will supply you with a single-user license of ACT so that we can synchronize your database with you each day, enabling you to monitor our progress (call notes, activities, meeting times etc).Appointment setting and sales lead generation

Reactivating Your Lapsed Clients

One of your most effective options for telemarketing strategy is ‘Lapsed Customer Reactivation’.

This is the process of re-contacting ‘former’ customers… people who have not placed an order with you for some time, and following up on lost orders, old quotations, or simply finding out why they stopped dealing with you. The purpose of course is to generate new opportunities.

This strategy has one BIG advantage for you… it means you will only be contacting people who have actually used your products and services in the past. Lapsed Customer Reactivation campaigns can also be used effectively as a method of cross-selling/up-selling new products and services to your former customers.

The process for your Lapsed Customer Reactivation campaigns is similar to that of standard appointment setting or sales lead generation campaigns. However, Lapsed Customer Reactivation campaigns differ slightly in that you will supply the database (list of companies to be contacted), preferably with notes relating to the history of the relationship, e.g. details of previous quotes or work conducted. This provides a focus to the call, enabling the telemarketer to tailor the conversation accordingly and get the best possible result for you.