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Telemarketing FAQ & Tips

Do you work on consumer projects?

No. As a Business-To-Business specialist it is believed that our results are consistently better because we are 100% focused on the business-to-business sector.

Do you work on a ‘pay by results’ basis?

No. Studies have shown clearly that as the quality of your calls is critical to the results that you get, paying by the number of appointments generated can mean that quality is compromised. Whilst you may get a higher number of appointments, it can lead to more time and resources wasted and less time spent on your correctly profiled and qualified prospects.

Why should we outsource our telemarketing to you?

You are always better off outsourcing your telemarketing rather than doing it yourself as…

  • Often the data bought is of poor quality. This can be due to a lack of experience as a data buyer or simply because you’re not sure which of the myriad of data brokers to deal with.
  • A favourite is for a company to draft in temporary staff. There are so many good temps out there, but how many are professional telemarketers and on a temporary basis, how do you ensure they are as committed to the success of your project as you are?
  • Companies will use existing staff that are inexperienced in the role and usually just ‘thrown in at the deep end’. They may or may not be given a talk guide (if they are they’re unlikely to have used one effectively before), and rarely understand even the basics which leads to them becoming demoralised very quickly which can be transmitted to the recipient of the call.
  • The lone telemarketer is often situated in the main office with everyone else listening. Even a confident individual is likely to feel very self conscious and are more concerned about what the other employees are thinking rather than concentrating on what they are hearing or saying.

For ten years professional telemarketing is all we have done! You can have the peace of mind that your project is in the hands of a team of commercially experienced telemarketers who have all worked on multiple projects over the years. This level of expertise is not easily attained or maintained.

There are many reasons why you should outsource. If you are still unsure give us a call for an informal chat.

Do you supply data for the project?

Yes, we can certainly take care of your project from start to finish.

Your data is so critical to the success of your project… it really can be the difference between success and failure in terms of achieving your objectives. Over the past decade we’ve researched hundreds of thousands of pieces of data for our clients, which has given us the experience to not only make the right decision regarding where to invest your money in data, but also where to source the most accurate and dependable data at the keenest rates. Without market knowledge, buying data can be somewhat of a lottery… most clients do not take that risk.