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Telemarketing Agencies

About Our Telemarketing Agency

One of the leading UK telemarketing agencies is DMC Associates & JEM Sales and Marketing and with over thirteen years experience in delivering effective telemarketing campaigns, we offer outbound business to business telemarketing solutions. We are one of the smaller agency's here in the UK and monthly campaigns tend to range in value between £800 and £10,000. 

One of the factors, which make DMC Associates & JEM Sales and Marketing a leading telemarketing company, is the use of dedicated in-house telemarketing account managers, who ensure continuity of service and maintain the highest standards. All our telemarketers are fully trained to an extremely high standard; most have many years of commercial experience, this combination results in a very effective natural approach to telemarketing.

Our services include; Appointment Setting, Sales Lead Generation, Data Cleansing and Telephone Research.

Our pricing model works on a fixed day rate basis for sales lead generation and appointment setting campaigns and for data cleansing projects and telephone research we agree a price for each record cleansed or each telephone survey completed. 

How Do You Choose The Best Telemarketing Company (Telemarketing Agencies) for your project?

For any business that is considering telemarketing, the question is always asked 'who is the best telemarketing company (Telemarketing Agencies)?'

The UK has over 600 telemarketing companies these can be split into the following kinds of different kinds of telemarketing company (Telemarketing Agencies):

•Inbound Telemarketing Agencies
These companies receive calls on behalf of clients; this is considered 'a call center' and is popular for busy businesses (such as computer companies, banks, security companies) that do not want the hassle of employing their own staff.  Inbound telemarketing is also used for companies that have seasons of high incoming calls (such as when they launch a new product, or have a competition) and rather than getting space set up, office equipment/IT equipment installed and staff trained - it is outsourced to a telemarketing company.

•Outbound Telemarketing Agencies
These companies make calls on behalf of clients; this is considered more a sales based form of telemarketing (lead generation, appointment setting, telephone research etc.) and is popular with companies that need to generate new sales leads.  Outbound telemarketing companies are popular with companies of all sizes. The benefit for smaller companies is they will not incur expensive recruitment & training costs and will achieve quicker results.

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How Do You Categorise Telemarketing Companies (Telemarketing Agencies)?

It is essential that you chose an agency that has the appropriate skills set and size that is relevant to the project that you need delivering.

For example if your monthly budget is between £800 and £5000 a month a smaller telemarketing agency would most likely be the best solution as you will be a significant part of their business mix and they will be set up to look after this type of business. Large Agency with 100's of staff it is likely that they will be more focused and set up to look after larger clients. 

Telemarketing Agencies can be broken down into the following:

•Freelance - A consultant that handles calling on a campaign basis (almost always outbound calling)
•Startup telemarketing agency - A new company with 1 or 2 staff that are offering either inbound or outbound calling
•Small telemarketing agency - An established company with between 10 & 50 professional telemarketing account managers.
•Larger telemarketing agency - A larger telemarketing company with around 50-200 professional telemarketing account managers.
•Call Center - This is for inbound calling and they can have 100+ call centre agents.

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All UK businesses have different needs so choosing the right telemarketing agency for the job is important in order to get the best results.

How much do 'Telemarketing Companies (Telemarketing Agencies) Charge?

Fixed Day Rate
Most telemarketing agencies (around 70%) tend to work to this model, whereby they will charge per day worked.  This would involve 1 person making calls to your target audience.  During the day it would involve any communication with you, reporting, e-mailing prospects as well as calling.  Rates do vary from agency to agency so it may be good to get quotes from different telemarketing companies and comparing them. Typically day rates vary between £195 and £295 per day.

Pay Per Month
Some telemarketing agencies (around 25%) charge on a monthly basis for their services.  This would involve them either working a set number of hours as agreed.  This can have benefits, as follow ups can be easier to manage with clients (rather than only calling on certain days).  Again, rates do vary from agency to agency, and would be based on the amount of time dedicated to you.

Pay Per Hour
A few telemarketing agencies do charge in this way as it is easy to control.  Typically they would agree a trial to 'test the water' and get the campaign running - then it is a case of booking a set number of hours per day/week.  This is a good route for a small client that cannot afford day or monthly rates or employing someone themselves a pay per hour route offers more control and options.

Pay Per Appointment
There are around 10 telemarketing agencies in the UK that are offering a pay per appointment service (as of February 2011) and this route seems to be slowly growing.  Pay per appointment is more results based than the other options above, as you only pay when appointments are booked with prospects.  However, if you reward your Telemarketing company per lead there is a very real pressure to bring in the numbers, they are also less likely to be as strong in their qualification process, which will often result in lower quality and poorly qualified leads that can cost you far more in the long run.

Commission Only Telemarketing
This is asked about regularly; however no UK telemarketing agencies offers commission only telemarketing.  The reason is that many companies that ask are startup companies that do not have the funds to invest into their marketing.  Sometimes these companies will push an idea only to find that it does not work, if a telemarketing company was to work commission only for the startup they would loose out and the startup would come up with another idea.  Telemarketing agencies have their costs (staff, phone costs, business costs etc.) so need to charge a set fee in order to cover their own costs.