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Telemarketing Case Studies

Telemarketing Services for Industrial Ceramic Manufacturers

Objectives: The client is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Ceramics. The objective was to generate qualified leads for the field sales team within both the UK and German markets.

Steps: The client supplied a database of past customers and companies that had been quoted in the past. This database comprised of automotive, aerospace, medical and electrical goods manufacturers.

Following a thorough project briefing, DMC Associates & JEM Sales and Marketing’s telemarketing team got to work on generating qualified opportunities for the client. The telemarketing campaign was conducted over a period of six months and comprised of a telemarketing team of two experienced telemarketers. Our IT departments collaborated so that the database could be accessed and updated by the DMC Associates & JEM Sales and Marketing team.

Results: An incredible 22% response rate was achieved for this client.

What the customer says: “Several old contacts had moved on and the team were able to establish new ones, generating renewed interest in the client’s products. The campaign was well planned and professionally conducted by the DMC Associates & JEM Sales and Marketing team."


Supplier of Safety Helmets and PPE - Michelle Locke, Marketing Manager

Objectives: The client only sells through distributors and thus does not have access to the actual end-customer. To support direct sales nation-wide, a campaign was initiated to find potential buyers for new types of headgear not sold via the distributor network. The objective was to get current and potential customers to agree to a trial of models like a new model of baseball bump cap and a top of the range industrial safety helmet.

Steps: Potential customers were specified: H&S Managers in companies with 100+ staff, with the key qualification being the number of people wearing hard hats. Initially we started with 4,000 addresses. Contact persons were asked if they had a requirement for the product type, what product they were currently using (brand/model), they volume of products they used per year/employee numbers and if they would be interested in a free product trial, which would be delivered via an appointment with the sales area manager.

Results: The campaign has been going for approximately 12 months. Important for the client was the communication between DMC and the sales force, which happened on a daily basis through data synchronisation on ACT!. The sales people received their appointments and all the relevant data from us and we established a strong relationship. The customer was satisfied with the initial results that they are continuing with the telemarketing tool as a measurable method of increasing sales and targeting the end user/consumer.

What the customer says: “The DMC telemarketer is very professional, persevering and effective. After fine-tuning the campaign, they found a number of good large, high-profile end-users for our sales managers to target.” 


The UK’s Largest Case Maker (Industrial Packaging) - Richard Bundock, Sales Director

Objectives: Telemarketing appointment setting. Find potential users of industrial packaging by calling logistics, warehouse and/ or production managers to identify needs and make appointments for the relevant sales representative in the area.

Steps: We sourced a database of manufacturing companies, which are called up to qualify details and make appointments. The appointments are entered directly into the sales person’s diary on ACT!. After every calling day, the results are communicated by data synchronisation.

Results: Appointments have led to trial runs, improvement of existing projects or sales of completely new packaging concepts. The sales force now relies completely on DMC to make appointments, freeing their precious time for face-to-face meeting with qualified customers. Spending approximately £25,000 on telemarketing p.a., their telemarketing activities have generated 156 appointments and 112 other leads and business worth £400,000 in the same period.

What the customer says: “Before DMC, we spent our marketing budget on advertising and PR to generate leads. The enquiries were of poor quality. This has changed with telemarketing: we have high quality appointments on the management level and the projects have larger values. It costs us only half as much as before. We plan to continue working with DMC and have already budgeted for the next financial year.” 


Manufacturer of Air Handling Units - Bob Yates, Sales Manager

Objectives: The client is a leading manufacturer of Air Handling Units. The client also provides extract fans and aisle heaters together with a complete refurbishment, repair and maintenance service.

The objective was to generate qualified appointments for the field sales team within both the end-user and third-party consultant markets.

Steps: A suitable database was sourced from our preferred supplier that matched the client’s criteria. This comprised of Public sector (including the NHS and Universities) as well as Architects and Engineering Consultancies. Following a thorough project briefing at the client’s site, DMC’s telemarketing team got to work on generating qualified opportunities for the client. At the end of each day the database is synchronised with the client via ACT so that they can respond to appointments and other actions.

Results: Due to the team’s success in delivering a sustainable level of qualified appointments during the first year, the client is planning to utilise our services for the long term and to increase the monthly activity.

What the customer says: “DMC are our first experience of telemarketing and we are impressed with their enthusiasm, professionalism and most importantly, results. With a dedicated resource within DMC, the learning curve was steep and the payback almost immediate. After a year of working with DMC they have become an integrated part of our marketing strategy.”